Who We Are

Who We Are

Exhenb Engineering Ltd is a Power Design and Construction firm registered in Kenya with expertise engineering project design, control, construction and management. Our Executive team comprises of Engineers, Project Managers and energy industry professionals with a wealth of experience. This experience covers Electrical Installations, Renewable Energy Installations, Design, Power Generation and Transmission, Infrastructure Development and Project Management. EXHENB ha. s the necessary resources and experience to meet the current and future challenges with confidence. We take great pride in the dedication of our staff back by prudent Design and Management Systems.


We aspire to be an internationally recognized professional, engineering and technical services company dedicated to providing value addition and efficiency in the power and energy sector. We provide full service capabilities to our clients and strive to add additional expertise and specialists while responding to the needs of our clients. In adherence to our corporate values, we will remain a privately owned company offering individual growth and opportunities within an entrepreneurial culture. We strive to ensure that we capitalize on expansion of opportunities while maintaining a good financial stability through improved cash reserves and return on investments. Through quality service and sound financial management, we aspire to be recognized by our clients, shareholders and employees as a market leader in our industry.


EXHENB’s business objective is to provide professional design, construction and consultancy services in the power and energy sector in response to our clients’ needs in an innovative, efficient and timely manner. We strive to remain in the forefront of technology while being responsive, flexible, and diversified to be competitive in the market place to ensure viability and long term growth in value of our company. We shall serve people & communities with excellence in engineering and project management.